Infection control is important because it saves lives!

The NebulaOne™ Dry Mist Nebulizer

Watch how this Patent Pending technology will effectively dispense an EPA registered Ultra Dry, HOCL disinfectant. This nearly invisible dry mist will remain suspended for hours effectively neutralizing airborne pathogens.

A safe and effective way to completely disinfect flu, RSV, Covid, and other harmful viruses and bacteria by converting EPA's approved hypochlorous (HOCL) liquid into microscopic airborne drops dry-mist. 

Spaces Our Services Cover:

Office Buildings
Hospitals |  Dentist  | Optometry | Chiropractic
Arenas |  Stadiums
Restaurants  |  Cafés
Childcare Centers
Condominiums | Apartments
Schools | Universities
Hotels | AirBnB
Recreation Facilities
Gyms |  Spas
Agricultural | Warehouses
Churches | Meeting Halls
First Responder Vehicles For Firemen, Policemen & EMT
Manufacturing Facilities

We have partnered up with the quality manufacturers to deliver our customers EPA and FDA approved HOCL.

Disinfecting Qualities and Characteristics:

Safe For Children & Family
Safe For Pets & Plants
Nature's Natural Solution
Hyper-Effective Disinfecting
Neutralizes 99.99% Bacteria & Viruses
No Dangerous Chemical Residue
Fast Acting
No Additives
No Alcohol
No Dilution