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Hypochlorous (HOCL)

HOCL has been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a disinfectant effective against many viruses. 

EPA -Approved Liquid Disinfectant

FDA Food Grade Safe

Manufactured Commercially

Broad Range of Applications

Nature's Defense Against Viruses & Bacteria

Disinfectant for Surgical Procedures & Would Care

Effective against COVID, MRS, Staph, Hepatitis, and more

Gentle For Children & Family

Safe For Pets & Plants

Eco-Friendly Nature's Natural Solution


Fast Acting

No Additives

No Alcohol




No Dilution

No Harsh Chemicals

Hyper-Effective - more potent than bleach and chlorine

Neutralizes 99% Bacteria & Viruses

No Dangerous Chemical Residue

It has further environmental applications supported by clinical studies

Hypochlorous Product

SanitizerPro spec built EPA/FDA approved disinfectant is both non-toxic and organic - yet 80 times more powerful than bleach.

sanitized pro.PNG

HOCL Applications

High-Grade Disinfectant

Microbial Surface Disinfectant

Water Treatment

HVAC & Air Flow Systems

Marine Sanitation Devices


Natural Hand Sanitizer

Wound Care

Food Processing Disinfectant

Effective Mouthwash

Agricultural Use

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