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Hypochlorous Resupply

We resupply various sizes of HOCL solution to fit your needs.

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HOCL can be used in all non-thermal sprayers and typical spray bottles.

Spray disinfectant on (pre-cleaned) surface and let air-dry.

Approved by FDA and listed on EPA's "List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19)".

5GL SanitizerPro Hypochlorous 

5gl container refill 2.jpg
sanitized pro.PNG

$225  + Shipping ($30) 

5GL SanitizerPro HOCL Resupply 

(Monthly Subscription)

5gl container refill 2.jpg
sanitized pro.PNG


$179.95 HOCL 5 GL + Shipping ($30)


Sani-Fog in partnership with SanitizerPro is brining you the highest quality hypochlorous commercially produced for wholesale needs.

We are adding new      products! 

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