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Maintenance & Repairs

We take care of you 100%.

We provide full maintenance, repair, servicing and refill of Sani-Fog supplied equipment and NebulaOne products

Maintenance Service is provided to ensure equipment is in good operating order. It includes running a cycle and discharge of tanks, identifying any issues and recommending solutions. We will provide summary to the manufacturer for additional guidance. $500/visit

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Monthly Maintenance Service is available on leased and purchased products (+$300-$500/mo).

Warranty Service is provided per manufacturer's specifications. 


Repairs to be performed per manufacturer's standards and issues elevated to the design team to ensure equipment is in good operating order.

Service is available on rented and purchased equipment (outside of warranty).

$350 (initial visit) + materials + $150/hr


 Monthly Maintenance $300 - $500

Heater Repair
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