About Us

Sani-Fog, LLC


Sani-Fog, LLC is a mission driven company dedicated to making a positive impact in global sanitation, health and healing. We offer safe, quick, cost-effective way to sanitize any space using Nature's prescribed solutions. 

Ben Henyan

Founder & Operator


Ben was working in an agricultural setting which required periodic disinfecting. At that time alcohol and bleach were the primary solution which resulted in a toxic environment to the human body. This spiked an interest to find a solution that was effective for the job and healthy for the body and the environment. 

Through research and suggestion from a friend, Ben started to see all the benefits of hypochlorous acid - a natural solution that is 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria, gentle on the skin and complimentary to the environment. 


From that point forward, sprung up a products and services to educate the public of its many benefits and provide the human collective with hypochlorous acid (HOCL).


Ben is a visionary entrepreneur at heart who enjoys making new inventions, music and cars, and outdoor time with his family and friends. 



Ekaterina Henyan

COO & Business Manager


Ekaterina joined the mission in 2021 with a focus on Business Operations and Administrative functions. An avid consumer of HOCL as well as a visionary for copying nature's best methods, Ekaterina provides work flow structure and  business discipline to propel Sani-Fog, LLC to the next customer. With 20 years of business management and operations experience, she is excited to leverage new technologies with tried processes to support the company's vision.

Ekaterina spends her time serving the community through offering business support through Soul Retreat SPC, hosting progressive local events and carrying for elderly. She spends much of her time with the family and friends enjoying the outdoors, biking, hiking, kayaking, gardening, cooking and traveling. She considers herself a spiritually-centered global citizen with an attitude of servitude to humanity.

Simon Vlas

CFO, Marketing & Sales


Simon, passionate entrepreneur and sales expert, started his own financial services company in 2018 and has worked with thousands of people to help them reach their financial goals. Having earned top awards from one of the largest insurance companies in the world, he has set his aspirations into another area, sanitization and health. Simon's relentless pursuit to bring the best available products to the marketplace is evident in his decision to team up with Sani-Fog. Having first hand experience of HOCL and it's many uses, he is eager to bring this amazing solution into people's homes and businesses.

In his personal time, he loves fishing with his three children, being surrounded by nature, cooking, and even cleaning.

“I'm so pleased with Sani-Fog servicing my home! My 2-bedroom apartment felt so fresh and clean.”


Beverly, Centralia WA

“We highly recommend Sani-fog because the service was outstanding, exceptional, reliable, and extremely professional. Our salon was clean, clear, and gems free after Sani-fog service. When we clean and use Sani-fog products, there are odorless in our salon which made our customers feel comfortable and appreciate how we care their health. We are very glad to know about Sani-fog service and what its does.”


Vuu, WA


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