Fogging Services

Our fogging service is quick and efficient in delivering high quality sanitization to all spaces, seen and unseen. 

Watch the video to get familiar with various applications.

The Nebula One Dry-Mist Nebulizer uses a Patent Pending technology to effectively dispense an EPA registered Ultra Dry, suspended particle, an HOCL disinfectant that is effective against COVID, C. Diff, MRS, Staph, Hepatitis, and many others.

When used with our recommended Hypochlorous solution, the Nebula One offers an unrivaled disinfecting process. With a patent Pending technology, the Nebula One atomizes HOCL to a 2-3 micron size and then effectively dispenses it into the air. This nearly invisible dry mist will remain suspended for hours effectively neutralizing harmful and deadly pathogens.

Sani-Fog backpack application method is one of the ways to deliver liquid HOCL to a defined area. 

Residential Service

Modern Apartment

Completely, quickly and effectively sanitize any apartment, condominium, hotel or AirBnB space! The personal  sanitization application delivery allows our user to release the hypochlorous acid disinfectant into the environment in a form of a fine, deodorizing fog. 30 minute process for most residences up to 4,000 sqft. Fogging provides for an efficient and effective sanitization approach 100% of the time. 

Public Places & Recreational Facilities

At the Library

Sani-Fog offers exceptional coverage and non-flammable benefits in public space sanitization such as libraries, gyms, recreational spaces, restaurants & cafes, schools and childcare centers. 

Large-Scale Residential Service

Disinfecting Hotel Room

We accommodate large scale residential and commercial facilities such as senior living centers, apartment complexes and condominiums, detention centers, hotels and University dormitories. 

Agricultural & Warehouse

Checking Lettuce Growth

Safe for agricultural use in sanitization and germ control. 

Each additional warehouse space at 25% off or get a custom quote for your space