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Exclusive Services

Our services and products offer many solutions for various needs.

We understand that our flexibility offers our clients the best package suited for their needs. Mix-and-match products and services to create a package that works for you and receive straightforward discounts 

Fogging Service


Completely, quickly and effectively sanitize any space! Stationary and mobile sanitization delivery system allows the user to release the hypochlorous disinfectant into the environment in a form of a fine, dry fog composed of solution-vapor droplets few microns in size. The disinfecting fog reaches surfaces that conventional cleaning cannot and eventually settles on the surfaces situated in the environment. Fogging provides for an efficient and effective sanitization approach 100% of the time.

Lease Equipment

fogging machine.PNG

Purchase or lease Sani-Fog equipment to suit your business and personal needs. Because customers know best and we offer complimentary options for your sanitization needs. 

Sanitizer Resupply

hocl liqid.PNG

Super strong professional sanitizer, odor-eliminating, non-corrosive and safe in many applications such as residential and commercial spaces, schools, libraries and recreational facilities. Gentle on the skin and ready-to-use upon delivery. 

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